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New Year resolution 2020 - Physiotherapy

The resolution which makes you awesome in 2020

Are you someone who makes New Year’s resolutions and never keeps them?  Do you always talk about getting healthy after the Christmas binge but don’t really know where to start?  Rest assured you are not the only one – recent studies showed over 50% of people make New Year’s resolutions but as little as 8% of those actually stick to it.  In fact, it’s highly likely that many of you have already broken your well-intentioned hopes for this year.

Curetouch Physio owner and leading local physiotherapist, Dr Anoj sashidharan he generally doesn’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, and outlines the best method for making 2020 the year of good health and happiness for you.

Why don’t you like New Year’s Resolutions?

Generally, it’s because they’re often made hastily with little thought given to creating the goal or a specific plan to achieve it.  I love to see you making goals, especially with a focus on improving your health, but I want you to have a plan to ensure you’re successful.  Surrounding yourself with the right people to support you along the road is imperative.

What are the common reasons people fail to achieve their health goals?

It is usually one or all of the following:

  1. Injury: if you don’t manage an underlying issue to start with, you’re much more susceptible to suffering a more significant injury that will stop you exercising
  2. Inappropriate exercise or advice:doing exercise that isn’t suitable for you will lead to soreness, injury or lack of progress, as will eating foods that don’t fit with your goals
  3. Lack of motivation:everyone hits low points when trying to improve fitness, lose weight, build strength or improve flexibility – having someone there to support you through the challenges will ensure success.

So what’s the best way to overcome these challenges?

Surround yourself with the right team to ensure your goal is reached.  Having a physio assessment to highlight any underlying risk factors will reduce your risk of injury and manage any problem before it stops you exercising.  Seeing an exercise physiologist could ensure you’re doing exercises that are best for you and most suitable for your goal, whether it be improving fitness, reducing weight or general toning and strengthening.  Getting personalised nutrition advice from a dietitian will always be much more successful than trying to follow the latest fad diet or Instagram “expert”.  When it comes to motivation, having a personal trainer who can keep you focused can be a huge benefit, as is a little regular massage to loosen up your body along the way.

To kick start your new healthy lifestyle in 2020, Cure Touch Physio is offering 10 FREE Assessment consultations with your choice of practitioner – One Of Our Practitioners In Multiple Medical Domains Under Our Umbrella Would Love to Serve You.

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